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LabVIEW 8.5+

version:1.0.6 build 1


This Inventeering toolkit interfaces and controls video/audio devices that use Windows Driver Model (WDM) or the older Video For Windows (VFW) drivers that are DirectShow compatible.  CamViewIT toolkit is a Software Development  Kit (SDK) for LabVIEW programmers.

  Product Features:
  • LIVE PREVIEW CONTROL that updates automatically independently of any LabVIEW while loop.  The preview control is resizable, with zoom and or stretch to size.

  • PROGRAMMABLE ATTRIBUTES can be programmatically retrieve and set.  Video Devices, Audio Devices, Image Resolutions, and Color Spaces that can then be set programmatically by your program.  This allows you to override default settings that many web-cameras and USB frame grabbers may have.

  • IMAGE PROCESSING currently includes (orientation and re-sampling), but other processing VI's like (finding partial filter, finding centroid, finding edges, ROI,  thresholding, masking, sharpening and histogram) are under development and will be made available as free upgrades.

  • AUDIO VIDEO INTERLEAVE (AVI) TOOLS to setup and capture video and audio into an (.avi) file.  Tools to extract individual frames and or build an (.avi) file from individual (bmp) files is included.  Also (.avi) files can be programmatically sent to the Windows Media Player for review.  Use of the Windows Media Players ActiveX Control is also under development and will be made available as free upgrades.

  • CLIPBOARD FUNCTIONS to cut images from live preview frames and or from picture control into the clipboard.  Images in clipboard can be retrieved or paste from clipboard and loaded into a picture control.

  • DIALOG SETUP support to list and call configuration pop-up dialog windows that are inherent to each audio/video device.

  • IMAQ-VISION is not required, but because you can grab video frames in both Picture Control Image format or as a 2D U32 Array format, data can be interfaced to IMAQ-Vision if desired.

  • EXAMPLES are provided and will be added to a public internet folder by Inventeering and users of this toolkit that want upload and share their examples to build a user example archive as part of support for this product.

  Product Description:
  The CamViewIT Toolkit for LabVIEW can acquire, display, process and save streaming video and audio from any device that is compatible with the DirectShow interface standard.  This includes many USB and FireWire (IEEE 1394) Video/Audio Cameras and Frame Grabbers and a few PCI Bus Frame Grabbers.  This product contains 2 custom ActiveX Controls (ocx) files, LabVIEW library (llb) file, Programmers Reference Manual (pdf) file, and a growing archive of both customer and Inventeering use examples.  With the purchase of this toolkit come a Royalty Free built application distribution license, which allows you to distribute built (.exe) files that use CamViewIT VI's and ActiveX Controls with no additional cost to you.
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System Requirements:

HARDWARE: Video device interfaced to PC that is DirectShow compatible.
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CamViewIT  LabVIEW Toolkit

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