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Michael Pritchard’s water filter turns filthy water drinkable


Categories: Water Conservation

The importance of water in our lives cannot be stated enough.  All live on planet earth depends on a clean, healthy water supply. This dependency connects us all.  One main impact that a technology like this will have on the future is its that it will save millions of innocent lives and improve the quality of life for billions.  We salute Michael Pritchard's water filter technology as a invention that can change the world.


Interesting facts: Smallest bacteria is approximately 200nm, smallest virus is approximately 25nm, LiveSaver Bottle's filter down to 15nm.  Sadly about 3.5 billion people suffer from water related illness and about 2 million children die each year from bad water.  This human suffering can be ended, we have the technology all we need is the will and compassion to make it so.


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