Inventeering , Inc. is an engineering design consulting firm that is approaching our 10th year in the San Diego area.  We have over 29 years of engineering experience and skills in a multitude of fields and areas that include:

  • Electrical

    • System Design

    • Mixed Signal PCB Design

    • Digital FPGA Design

  • Mechanical

    • Systems Design

    • Device Development

  • Software

    • System Architecture Design

    • Application Specific Development

    • Drivers and Device Interface Development

    • Graphical User Interface Development

  • System Integration of Electrical/Mechanical/Software

  • Technical Training and Teaching






Talk to us about your project and requirement at any stage of the development.


We provide services in R&D engineering, product development, automated robotics development and test and measurement.  Much of our focus uses National Instruments (NI) hardware and software which involves LabVIEW, MATLAB, C++, Visual Basic, and other specific programming languages that may be required.


While we find tools like LabVIEW to be extremely productive, we still make a conscious effort to remain independent from all 3rd party off the shelf product and tool providers in order that we can always take the best approach for our client's and customer's specific needs and requirements.




Inventeering have been providing our engineering services to fortune 500 companies and small to mid sized businesses across California, Arizona,  Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts.  Since our inception, we have been providing engineering solutions to a diversified industry base:


  • Aerospace / Avionics

  • Automotive

  • Bio-Medical

  • Communication

  • Data Acquisition

  • Energy Utilities

  • Firmware

  • Fiber Optics

  • Green Energy Technology

  • Industrial Processing

  • Instrumentation Control

  • Lasers

  • Machine Vision

  • Manufacturing / R&D

  • Nuclear Power

  • Oil & Gas

  • PET / SPECT Imaging

  • PLC / Real-time Embedded

  • Robotics

  • Security

  • Semiconductors

  • Sensors

  • Test (ATE) and Measurement

  • Transportation

  • Ultrasound

  • Wireless

  • RF Microwave

  • ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4

We dynamically size our company to your projects needs.  Because of our many years in the consulting business we have built contact and alliances with other consulting firms and we can grow the project group size to meet your demands.  So no project is to large or to small.


We take the view that with diligent investigation and intelligent planning, integration is a puzzle that in most cases can be solved by modular off the shelf components tied together with a small amount of custom hardware and software.  The nice thing about our approach is that, if more resources are needed we can put them together for you.

When you use our services you are getting more than a contract Engineer.  Your are getting an integration of Art, Science and Invention, harnessed by the practicality  of Engineering.  This is how we define the merger of Invention and Engineering, thus INVENTEERING...

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