Company Overview


Inventeering , Inc. is is a leading engineering design consulting firm located in in Southern California.  We are approaching our 13th year in the San Diego area.  Our proven track record of success in rising to the challenge no matter the industry, has allowed us to help other companies achieve their technical goals and needs.  We have over 33 years of engineering experience and skills in both hardware and software that allows us to provide specialized services to small startups companies and major corporations across the US.  The diverse fields that encompass hardware/software engineering today can be mind boggling and extremely challenging.  One of the motivation that has lead to the creation of Inventeering is to stay current and on top of new technology as it evolves and be their to apply it in real solutions.  Many of today's businesses requiring engineering services that have current exposure and knowledge about the industry. This is why hiring an outside consulting firm like us can help you meet your requirements, while allowing your company to be constantly vigilant in insuring that your engineering technical challenges and problems are both solved practically and productively.



Our Approach


Flexibility is key to the survival of species, and this applies to engineering design as well.  We are relatively a small firm that allows us great flexibility when we approach any technical challenge, but along with flexibility comes years of experience and exposure to what works and what does not work with regard to methodologies and project planning.  One key to success of any project is maintaining focus while adjusting the big picture to the realities laid out by the practical challenges.  This is why we have developed a balanced and flexible (top down / bottom up)  design method that we apply to new projects.  The top down side creates the big picture, which guides the project and keeps it focused.  The bottom up side is driven by the identification of challenging technical areas in the project that have not been shown to be feasible or practical.  Gathering information from doing specific bottom up design of these challenging areas allows us to adjust our top down big picture during the evolution of the project which greatly increases the success and survival of the project.  



Our Focus

Inventeering specializes in defining, developing and delivering project solutions.  Our main focus is software engineering that works with every kind of system currently needed in manufacturing, engineering, product development, and research and development.  We have a focus in National Instruments products, but have skills in many other products as well.   For the last two decades automation has be expanding exponentially.  One has to wonder what are the limitations to applied automation?  We feel there are huge thing coming in automation in the areas of Green Energy Technology and Bio-Medical Technology and we want to be part of it.



Hybrid Engineering


While Inventeering has areas of expertise in hardware and software design,  we approach technical challenges as if we are some sort of hybrid of a Scientist-Engineer-Technician in that we discover, apply and do.  Learning is only 1/3 of the fun.  Appling and building are the other 2/3 of the enjoyment that comes with the experience.  The advantage of having the curiosity to at least have a basic understanding of all aspects of a project, can give one a unique perspective toward solving problems as they pop up.  This is part of the creative/inventive process.  When we make new association with the many parts of any project, technology and or system we are expressing creativity and invention.




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